The Quintessential Guidebook For A Wine Newbie

Ordering wine can be very intimidating, to say the least when you’re knowledge of it is zilch.

I still remember when I was out with a few girlfriends and they all settled for the basic Cosmopolitan, but I decided to be a little sophisticated and ordered myself a glass of wine.

The first question was easy to answer like ‘which one do you prefer, red or white?’- after that everything went pretty much downhill.

All I know is I wouldn’t want to relive that day ever and wouldn’t even want my worst enemy to go through it (or maybe I would)!

So to save you from the horror of what I went through, and let's not forget that a basic knowledge of wine is considered to be cool amongst the millennials — here are few things you need to remember and you can go order wine like a pro.

A. Drink/try a lot of Wine
We all know that there are two kinds of wine - red and white, but you need to try different wines to know which one you genuinely prefer. For instance, the description of a Sauvignon Blanc will be light, crisp and fruity with notes of lemon. You’ll think that this is the one for you. But, after trying a variety of wines you might realise that a Sauvignon Blanc isn’t the one for you but a Merlot (jammy red berry flavours, vanilla oak tones, and herbal tones) is. So try more Wine to know what your type is.

B. Smell and taste
The key to tasting wine is smelling it — in the beginning, you could mess it up but once you’ve mastered this you can never go wrong.

C. Buzzwords are important
If you can tell the sommelier at a restaurant or the clerk at the wine shop that you like bone-dry reds or acidic whites, it will help them immensely in suggesting a bottle for you. Once you’ve got these points in mind just remember these WINES the next time you order in a fancy-ass restaurant or some super chic bar or even at a friend’s house party!
Sauvignon Blanc: crisp, light and fruity with notes of lemon     
2) Chardonnay: green apple, tropical fruits, buttery, rich and creamy     
) Riesling: complex with notes of lime and passion fruit     
4)Cabernet Sauvignon: full-bodied red wine with blackcurrant, green pepper and chocolate      5Merlot: jammy red berry flavours, vanilla oak tones, and herbal notes
6) Zinfandel: Blueberry and black cherry flavours with brown spice and tobacco
White Grenache: off-dry, fruity rosé with soft flavours of raspberry and sweet flowers
White Zinfandel: off-dry, fruity rosé with aromas of dried cranberry, strawberry, and watermelon

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