The Key To Weight Loss May Not Be What You Eat, But What You Eat It With!

Have you ever wondered that despite eating everything healthy and completely abstaining from desserts you still seem to not shed those extra pounds?

Well, chances are you’ve been eating the wrong food-combinations.

So here are a few do’s and don’ts of food combinations: 

  • Don’t mix proteins with fats. 
  • Nonstarchy vegetables are the best as they can be combined with almost anything. So base your meals on carbs or meat and then add a lot of non-starchy veggies to it.
  • Carbs (whether it is whole wheat pasta or even potatoes), when combined with non-starchy vegetables, won’t stick to your belly. This way carbs aren’t so bad and can be incorporated in your diet.
  • Combining meat with potatoes is a big no-no. The reason being that proteins need an acidic environment to be best digested whereas carbs need alkaline. When you combine these two they neutralize the stomach, and thus, obstructing proper digestion.
  •  Don’t drink anything from at least 15 minutes before your meal because beverages during meals dilute the enzymes in your stomach, and thus, slow digestion.
  • Never combine fruits with anything else. Even though they have the fastest rate of digestion when they’re combined with something else it gets backlogged in the stomach and in-turn results in bloating and gas.

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