Paint It Black

2018 just got more rad with even more things added to the list of charcoal activated food!

We've all experimented with our looks or what you can call 'been through weird phases', especially in school. And more than most of us would like to admit, we all went through the 'goth' phase at one point or another as a teenager. 

Thick kohl, black nail paint, black clothes, anti-pink, and the whole angsty vibe — well that was me when I was 16. Desperately trying to copy my favourite singer, Avril Lavigne and failing terribly at it. Though I left that look when I turned 18 and started college, my love for the colour black never died. Why do you ask? Maybe because black is the colour of my soul. Haha just kidding, or am I? 

So when the whole rainbow food trend came in, it was as if a part of my soul died. All I could think was how could these humans take food of all things and make it that colourful. Why would they do that to me? Yes, I have a little flair for the dramatic so there were a lot of Instagram and Facebook posts on how much I dislike rainbow food and how I die a little every time I see something like say a rainbow cupcake! 

And then a miracle happened — the charcoal foods entered the food world. And all I can see nowadays is black lattes to black waffles everywhere. Now that, right there, is what you call heaven on earth. Yes, even food went goth just like I did when I was 16. My Instagram feed is filled with posts on black burgers, pizza, ice cream, latte's, macaroons, croissant, martinis, even detox juices and much more. Yep food is crossing over to the dark side my friends!

Not only does your food item look completely gorgeous cause it's well black in colour, but 'activated charcoal' which has made its way into health media, detoxifies our body. That's not it, eating stuff with activated charcoal doesn't only mean getting beautiful pictures to post online, it has its own benefits as well. 

But before I start yapping about the health benefits of activated charcoal let me tell you what exactly is it. While technically made of the same material as the charcoal briquettes in your barbecue, activated charcoal is a decidedly different thing. Food-grade activated charcoal is most frequently produced by heating coconut shells to extremely high temperatures until they are carbonised, or completely burned up. The resulting ash is then processed with steam or hot air at equally high temperatures to produce a “microporous structure.” This process dramatically increases the surface area of the charcoal, which partly explains why it is such a powerful detoxifier.

As mentioned earlier that it detoxifies your body but it also helps in preventing hangovers. I know right! It is used in a lot of hangover remedies. Coming to more serious benefits consuming activated charcoal helps in lowering cholesterol levels, effective in reducing intestinal gas, and seems to help treat cholestasis in pregnancy. 

Let's face it, we live in a world where being physically appealing is very important. So whether it's removing stains from your teeth or making them whiter than before, or wanting a glowing skin or fabulous, lush hair, activated charcoal can help you with all these things. Also, it's used to treat insect stings and mild infections. 

So many benefits plus black food looks absolutely gorgeous and also when added to any food item it doesn't alternate its taste. What more can you ask for? No wonder people are calling it 'Black Magic'. 

I am in love with this activated charcoal food trend and I hope that after reading this article so are you!

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