Move Over Cronuts. If You Want To Taste The Real Thing Then, Spaghetti Doughnuts It Is!

Pasta is loved by all and doughnut isn't that far behind it. What if I tell you that the latest rage in the food world is a combination of these two!

We live in times where nothing surprises us, especially as far as food is concerned. We’ve seen it all from rainbow coloured cheese to black latte’s. And just when we thought nothing will surprise us any longer, BAM! Drumroll, please and oh also roll out the red carpet as entering the food world is SPAGHETTI DOUGHNUTS and people are going gaga over them. 

Check out the Instagram page of people who are lionised and one thing they all have in common is a post on spaghetti doughnut. This food-hybrid was created by Pop Pasta, a New York-based company. On its website, Pop Pasta notes that its signature spaghetti doughnut "combines a popular Neapolitan dish, the spaghetti pie (frittata di spaghetti) with an American food icon, the doughnut.”

It is saucy, cheesy and let’s face it how can the combination of pasta and doughnut go wrong! I mean who doesn't love spaghetti or doughnut, you can only imagine how scrumptious they taste when combined together. 

To make pasta portable or as the Pop Pasta people like to call it, 'Portable Pasta' — was the basic idea behind its creation, so that it can be eaten on-the-go, which if you ask me is genius. 

Now the question of the hour is, when will this fab trend hit India? We’re hoping soon! Can’t wait to take a bite of this heavenly goodness. Till then I’ll try and make it at home by looking at a few Youtube videos.

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