What To Eat On A Date?

Food seems like the easiest part of a date, doesn't it? Well, guess what it isn't. 

Going out on a date is stressful whether it's your first date or your monthly ritual date with your significant other. 

We worry about our clothes, the restaurant, etc, but never about the food. I mean we ensure that we end up at a place that serves a cuisine that both the partners enjoy but we don't give food much thought.

Imagine you're on a first date, everything is going perfectly, and then your order comes in. Your dish is filled with onions. Now you clearly wouldn't want your mouth to stink on your first date. That just a faux pas that might happen, but ordering the right dish on a first date is trickier than it appears to be. So order with caution.

It's cheap, available everywhere and every place gets their pizza right. And unless you're an idiot you can't possibly mess up eating pizza. Hands down the best food for a date.
Verdict: Always a yes!

Just order the world’s most well-known aphrodisiac on a first date (that is if the restaurant you're at serves it). It'll scream sexy and you won't have to worry about any miscommunications at the dinner table.
Verdict: For sure yes!

If your date ends up taking you to a beautiful Italian restaurant order pasta. Eating pasta can be very sexy if done right. My suggestion would be to opt for something that won't be messy to eat, which clearly means spaghetti is out of this equation. Opt for gnocchi! 
Verdict: Definitely, yes! 

Corn is the most annoying food ever. Apart from being impossible to digest, it also gets stuck in every crevice possible — be it between your teeth, up your nose (if you eat it while talking) or in the back of your throat. And I imagine no one wants a kennel stuck on their teeth which can only be removed with a toothpick or your hands. But imagine having to do it in front of your date, not a good idea. 
Verdict: Pass

People who eat salad on a date tend to make the other person a little uncomfortable and themselves come across as boring. But if you enjoy eating salad then go ahead. After all your date should accept you for who you are!
Verdict: Only if you want to

Burgers are a good option though if you prefer to drench your burger in either tomato sauce, mayo, mustard or a mix of all three, I would say avoid it. I mean you don't want to risk looking like an eight-year-old, would you? Also, don't eat your burger with a fork and knife, it’s super snobby.
Verdict: Go for it, maybe? Actually, avoid it

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