How Much Should You Tip A Bartender?

Let's clear one thing out when you tip it doesn't show how generous you are. It's about appreciating the good service that you received.

It most definitely isn't about doing what's fair and right. It's just what you're supposed to do if you received good service at a restaurant or a bar. It's showing appreciation for the hard work that they did so that you can have a good time.

As far as tipping a bartender is concerned a lot of people think they don't deserve it. Cause hey, he just poured vodka with cranberry, how difficult it could be, right?


Bartending is a science and an art — it's a beautiful amalgamation of both. The science part comes in with the understanding of what mixes with what, along with how to create certain colours or layers in drinks. The art bit involves the way in which the bartender presents his drinks which includes glassware, garnishes, etc, as well as, the motions and techniques he/she uses to concoct a drink.

Now that we have the fact that bartending isn't a cakewalk, let's get down to how much you should be tipping.

Tipping can be tricky, no doubt. For instance, questions such as, 'what is a bad tip?'; 'Is there ever a time when you shouldn't tip well?'; 'Should you tip or what?'; such questions keep floating in all our minds whenever we're about to tip.

However, if you're at a bar there a few 'tipping' rules which you need to keep in mind irrespective of the fact that you're there for only a drink or two, or whether you decided to spend the entire night at the bar.

Beer or Wine: ₹100 - ₹150 

Simple Cocktail: ₹100 - ₹200

Craft Cocktail: The tip should match the effort put into making your drink. 

Amazing service: In this case, you should go for 20-25 percent of the total bill.

Mediocre service: 15 percent of the total bill.

Really terrible service: If you happened to have experienced a service which is just downright terrible then you shouldn't leave a tip. Just pay for your drink and move on.

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