Five Not Very Expensive Wines To Have A Good Time

I make wine disappear, what's your superpower?

In my seven years of drinking wine, I've never really been great at picking out a good bottle for myself or anyone for that matter.

I mean I have had my fair share of it, in fact, it's my go-to party drink. I've even been for wine tastings, and hell, during my Masters I was even a part of the Wine Society at my Uni. I kind of even partially learned how to make it, but I was really buzzed then and my partner helped me a lot, so I don't know how much that'll count for. 

But still the question that continues to haunt me is that, 'what makes for a genuinely good wine?'. Rather what makes for a good cheap wine.

Let's face it, I'm not spending 4K on a bottle of wine which I'll be taking over to Arushi's house party on Friday. Hell, no! Nevertheless, I don't want to end up going to a party with a wine which tastes like vinegar and let's not even get started on what it smells like. 

That's why I decided that it's time for a little field trip. Called up my best girls and told them about my little plan and within seconds they all agreed. Thus began 'Mission: finding the best cheap yet tasty wine in the city'.

So instead of going out on a Saturday night, we stayed in. Surrounded by bottles of Reds and Whites. 

1) Fratelli Chardonnay 
This is an oaky wine with aromas of green apple, lime and orange rind. On the palate, it's more like melons and lime. 
Price: ₹695

2) Sula Zinfandel Red 
This is a crisp red wine which is young, peppy and light bodied. It's very mild, jammy and complex in flavour with aromas of blackberry, cinnamon, and plum. It's got a very fruity taste. 
Price: ₹650

3) Vallonné Rosé
It is a medium bodied pinkish wine that has notes of strawberry, plum, and melons. This is a vibrant, crisp and lively wine. 
Price: ₹630

4) York Chenin Blanc 
The fruity notes and slightly nutty flavour to the wine are what made it unique in its own way. It's a crisp wine and the fruitiness is reflected on the palate as well.
Price: ₹450

5) Fratelli Classic Merlot 
This classic full-bodied red wine has got earthy and dry tones to it. With aromas of pepper and dark chocolate, it's one of the most versatile wine's and my personal favourite as well.
Price: ₹660

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