At Gucci Osteria - Shop, Eat & Repeat!

Gucci with its ubiquitous logo shirts, fur-lined loafers, floral-printed sneakers and well almost everything floral, and embroidered denim is without a doubt one of the hottest fashion brands. 

Ever since Alessandro Michele took over as the designer in 2015, the brand is not only known for its out-of-the-box styles and must-have accessories but this January the brand announced that their new concept store in Florence will also sell food. 

Gucci opened a green-walled, 50 seat restaurant called the Gucci Osteria, which is sited behind the walls of the 14th century Palazzo Della Mercanzia building, overlooking the city’s most famous square, Piazza Della Signoria. And not just this, but, the new all-day restaurant, has tapped award-winning Michelin Star chef Massimo Bottura to oversee its exquisite menu. 

The Gucci Osteria restaurant is part of “Gucci Garden” — an experiential museum-retail concept in the historic heart of Florence. The Gucci Garden includes an exhibition area, a bazaar-like boutique, and a cinema room. 

Gucci isn't the first fashion brand to enter the food world. In fact, this year even Tiffany & Co. opened the Blue Box Café on the fourth floor of its New York flagship store, and Prada owns the Milan patisserie Marchesi. 

Gucci has really taken the fashion-food combinations to another level by opening up a full restaurant and concept store where people who love fine dining, museum buffs, and fashion fiends can intermingle.

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